Reading Lists

This is a master list of links to other practitioner’s reading lists recommendations, and I update this post frequently as I discover more. Most Pagans and occultists start out by asking for recommended books from peers and spend time reading to begin their path, so for an experienced practitioner it is common to offer their list.

The first is the reading list my late High Priestess offered as part of my training in Wicca:

Joan Withington – Triple Moon Reading List

Cardiff University – Resource Guides, witchcraft and related beliefs

Pagan Federation – Recommended Reading List

Mitch Horowitz – Crucial Books for the Occult Seeker

Jason Louv – Occult Books Every Budding Wizard Should Own

Thorn Mooney – My Recommended Reading List, abridged

Jason Mankey – Wicca 202: A Next Level Book List


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